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Ron had an amazing sermon.

hOW DO YOU SHOOT THE CROW? iS IT A SPECIAL BUTTON, BECAUSE I press space and nothing happens, though I have the gun and I stand in the same spot as other players?

The shoot button is F

super fun! i love the style and had a blast figuring out all the puzzles :)

why did you delete your reply?!

Sheep ~ 

Incredibly well-done! I had a lot of fun figuring out the little puzzles, and the style was super cool! However, I ran into a game-breaking glitch and wasn't able to reach the end, as I was on a time crunch... 

really good game! 

just found a little bug: at the gate leading to the cave if you go behind the trees to the right you can get past the fence w/o going through the gate


speedrun strats

perfectly dark


Really interesting take on an old rhyme to turn into a horror game! Loved the bit style and the kill animations too! Here's my playthrough with some other games - 


this was really good:)

Really enjoyed this game!


how do i get the crow only part am not only able to get past

You need to shoot it off the scarecrow


I loved this game so much!  It was a really neat world to explore, I loved the sort of secret upstairs room as well :)


Was Not expecting how beautiful the sprites were going to be i Really enjoyed this game alot although was extremely uncomfortable at times Great work ! My only Issue I was not able to pet My Lamb after working so hard to keep him fed 

This game was both entertaining and highly uncomfortable and I'm totally here for both.

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This game has a lot of promise.  Was a very fun play and I will probably come back to it in the future.  Good Job!


Great gamee!! Such a fun experience to have

Great little game for the spooky season. The music really reminded me of Simon the Sorceror. I did a let's play for my channel, hope more of the horror game YouTubers pick this one up.


I had a awesome time with this game!!! I was always so surprised whenever something new occurred! Ah yes, sacrifice for absolute tragedy!!! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Game is better than Cult of the Lamb


This was a very good game. I kept asking myself why Mary is wrapped up in everything. I liked the open map, figuring out what to do type of thing. Definitely creepy! Great Job


Wow, what a great game! Definitely have creepy vibes. Gotta feed that lamb!! 

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Hey, I played your game, and gotta say, it was really good! I have no idea why my character got mixed up in all that, but man, that was an adventure! I loved the style of it, and the puzzles were just the right amount of challenging, I think! Good job and keep up the good work!

This was such a fun and horrifying game! I'd love it if there were more endings (like when the timer runs out), but the game was great as is as well. Thank you so much for sharing!

I played this for my YouTube, if you'd like to check it out then click this link!

Great Game!! ^^

I enjoyed it so much, Gameplay in spanish

very solid 8bit, nice work :)

Full Play No Commentary

Beautiful game, has some great visuals, some of the feedings looked great, and music, sadly the scare/discomfort I associate with this type of game was pretty much missing with the exception being the music change that happens once you feed a certain amount. 


Amazing game! Feed your Lamb.


I fed the lamb with meat. (and that's a GOOD thing)!


The game's fairly interesting. Mary's lamb has a taste for blood. I originally played the bugged version, but after getting the correct version, I enjoyed the adventure. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Great adventure. But there is a small bug when playing the game again. The part of the man next to the power cord, when you throw the bucket of water again, he just hangs in the animation and the game is impossible to continue.

I've been trying to replicate that, but haven't gotten it. Did that happen only on a second playthrough?

This was way too good. Guess I missed the bug the person below me experienced. Great game, awesome music. 

You got the urge to sing the song, but that's not the goal of the game! The little lamb is not so little and not so innocent! 


I think I might be having a problem with my game. It only gives me 10 seconds in the beginning of the game and then death. :(


Same here

Well that ain't good, my apologies. Should be fixed now!

I'm having the same issue, do I have to uninstall and redownload for it to be fixed now?

Yes, redownloading the updated version should fix that!

Thank you!


I really enjoyed the unique deaths, animations, attention to detail and especially liked how it ended, the theatrical manner of the music continuing afterwards, the kinda stuff that makes me pause and enjoy the moment. Added this game to my Awesome-Playlist selection 

With that said, where's the OST?

The OST is all uploaded over on YT now! (here)

why do I love like the lamb is hungry for blood? :O

maybe it's the red font on black background giving it away :O


Really fun game. 


loved the game! creepy, atmospheric, short but fun!

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found a bug where after the church I walked around for a bit, as wasn't quite sure where to go next, and then walked back in and the people were there, but the pastor wasn't.

also if you stand in the spot to sacrifice the churchgoers, and hit space again, the sacrifice animation will repeat. And for some reason the main menu button doesn't work? and I'm not sure if the top left churchgoer is supposed to say "There's no reason to go upstairs" but that's what they say.


Short but sweet and pretty fun! I hope you put out more games like this in the future! 

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